The Hastings Yellow Jackets Booster Club was founded in 2010 and is dedicated to supporting and promoting all Hastings scholar-athletes.  The club actively welcomes participation from residents, parents, students, coaches, school teachers, administrators, local businesses and alumni.

"Our mission, is to promote and support all athletes in the Hastings on Hudson UFSD by uniting students, parents, coaches, faculty, staff, alumni, and community in a way that enhances school spirit, and provides financial support to continue a rich tradition of quality student athletes."

To date, The Booster Club has:

  1. Provided scholarships to graduating seniors who have excelled in both academics and athletics
  2. Established programs which unite the athletic teams with other clubs or courses (chorus, art, photography and journalism)
  3. Provided recognition and awards to teams that make a deep run into the playoffs or excel in their league
  4. Supported and expanded the tradition of the Senior Rose Ceremonies and the Senior Sports Awards Dinner
  5. Funded the purchase of team clothing and Yellow Jackets logo wear
  6. Advertised and promoted Hastings Athletics in the Enterprise
  7. Created a Sports Pop-up for recycling lightly-used equipment
  8. Provided much needed equipment and training to allow teams to further develop their skills (examples: ball machines, tournament entry fees, 7-on-7 football camp)
  9. Hosted and organized the Costello Basketball Tournament
  10. Purchased a brand-new scoreboard at the Burke field

We look forward to continuing to build the athletic and academic experience of our Hastings students.  With increased support, we hope to move forward with several capital improvements to our athletic facilities at Reynolds Field and the Burke Estate; a continued expansion of our student-athlete awards program; deeper relationships with other academic programs within our district; a further development of our connections within the larger community (i.e., “Hastings Community Day”; scholar-retired Seniors BBQ); more instructional player clinics that allow older athletes to mentor their younger peers; and continued updates to ensure our website remains contemporary.

Fall in Review


Great Request Form


It's been a busy Fall for the Athletics Dept. & Booster Club! Read about all of the Grants Awarded, Community Activities, Youth Events, & Fundraising new fall Initiatives! 


Coaches: Interested in applying for a Grant? Download the Request Form and hand it in to Jesse Merchant. 

Board Members

Steve Cunningham

Vice President, Community
Laura Light

Vice President, Communication
Jennifer Holiday

Vice President, Spirit
Cathy Ryan

Vice President, Outreach
Anne Krapf

Vice President, Fundraising
Shari Capuano

Vice President, Swag
Amy Barer

Karen Fogerty

Leslie Litsky

Athletic Director
Jesse Merchant

Past President
Bob Wilt


Hastings High School • One Mount Hope Blvd, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706